• Sapporo Premium Gift Certificate FAQ
    • What exactly are Sapporo Premium Gift Certificates?

      A pack of six \1,000 gift certificates sold for 5,000 yen. There is an extra 1,000 yen of buying power in each pack!

    • Who can use them?

      Guests staying at Sapporo hotels and ryokan.

    • Where can they be used?

      They are valid at shops in Sapporo displaying the Participating Shop sticker. They are also valid in all taxis in the city. Please see here for more details.

    • When and where can they be purchased?

      They are available from Wednesday, February 13, 2019 from major hotels, ryokan, and souvenir shops in Sapporo. Numbers are limited, so they may sell out. Please see here for more details.

    • How many are available?

      130,000 packs will be issued, and individuals are limited to five packs each.
      *There is a usage limit of 30 certificates (¥30,000 value) per single purchase.

    • How long are they valid?

      They are valid until Monday, March 11, 2019. Gift certificates left after that date will be invalid.

    • What else should I know about the gift certificates?

      ■These certificates cannot be used to pay for accommodations.
      ■These certificates cannot be exchanged for case, resold or refunded.
      ■No change is available when using these certificates to pay.
      ■These certificates may not be used in purchase or payment of the following, or for paying salaries.
      ・Other gift certificates, prepaid cards, post cards, stamps or other goods capable of being turned into cash.
      ・Goods which are legally restricted for non-retail sale (tobacco, etc.)
      ・Payment of utility or service fees, or similar fees (electricity, telephone, NHK communications, etc.)
      ・Payment of national or local public service bodies (water and sewage, school lunches, day-care, regular garbage collection, taxes, etc.)
      ・Debt or liability payments unrelated to consumer purchases including purchase of investments or stocks and bonds, settling outstanding accounts, etc.
      ・Any other items specified by participating shops.
      ■The Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry bears no responsibility for replacement in case of theft, loss or damage of these certificates.